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High efficiency three – phase motors IE2

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Thanks to its own experience, a qualified staff and advanced equipment, Neri Motori offers to you a range of products of excellent quality.

High efficiency three-phase motors IE2 : See details

  • Size: from IEC80 to IEC 355
  • Power range: from 0.75KW to 315KW
  • Poles: 2 – 4 – 6
  • Configurations: B3 – B5 – B14 (B3/B5 – B3/B14)
  • Voltage: 230/400-50Hz 400/690-50Hz
  • Special voltage on request.

High efficiency three-phase motors IE2 – IE3

High efficiency three-phase motors IE2 are design with high level of technology with new characteristics of construction, multipurpose applications for save energy. The efficiency is increased on range of (5-10)% according to the type of motor. In general, high efficiency save energy with high power applications, then with a lot of motors or with high power motors.

IE classification:
– IE 1 = Standard Efficiency
 IE 2 = High Efficiency
– IE 3 = Premium Efficiency
– IE 4 = Super Premium Efficiency