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Rotating screw jacks

Require informations

Main features :

  • Available sizes: 6
  • Max force: from 5 KN to 200 kN
  • Gear ratios: 1:4 1:10 1:16 1:30
  • Acme screws: from 18 x 4 to 70 x 10
  • Screws ball VRS: from 16 x 5 to 63 x 10
  • Power supply: Single-phase, Three-phase

Rotating screw jack description:

Worm reducer – helical gear, acme lead screw, grease, intermittent use, screw jacks with ball screws series HR – VRS.

This type of screw-jacks differ from ACME ones for following features:

Selflocking / Backdriving

Ball screws are absolutely non-selflocking, therefore a brake shall always be integrated, so to avoid backdriving of system.


This parameter is largely better, if compared with ACME screw-jacks. Energy “wasted” is therefore much lower: this allows for higher duty factors and smaller motor power.

Motor integrations

CA with the following configurations:

    •  Three-phase;
    •  Single-phase;
    •  Three-phase motors with electromagnetic brake;
    •  Single-phase motors with electromagnetic brake ;
    •  Single-phase with electronic capacitor;
    •  Single-phase motors with electronic capacitor with electromagnetic brake.

In the brake motors, the parking brake allows greater precision and repeatability of the stop position in the ON / OFF operation and maintenance of the screw-jack mechanical load in position for the reversible configurations.

Do you need the cataogue?

Rotating screw jacks catalogue

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