Seat adjustment in height in the cabins cranes

Seat adjustment in height in the cabins cranes

Application: Adjust the seat height in the cabins crane, operator chair

Actuator used: ALI02 motor in 24V and 2 safety limit of 250 Kg force

Other possible applications: Cranes for loading and unloading containers, cranes, adjustment of the control console

Why it used an actuator?

It is used as a second height of the operator must also adjust the seat height, it is used with an actuator motor at right angles so the actuator is irreversible, once adjusted the height of the actuator maintains its position. At the sitting the actuator supports a structure (under the seat) on which are fixed gas springs, making it even more comfortable location.

On the same session, you can install two actuators for the adjustment of the console, in this case, given the short load installing two actuators ALI01 series