Linear Actuator with mechanical stem release

Linear Actuator with mechanical stem release

attuatore ALI02 con sblocco steloWe are pleased to present the  STEM mechanic release system.
The release device is required on applications where in the absence of power there is a need to move the stem.

The device, manually operated frees the stem and allow the movement “by hand”.

To restore the operation you need to intervene in the opposite direction to unlock.

  • Release is available as crank or a screw hexagon (other breakouts on request).
  • The realization of: linear actuator ALI2 / linear actuator ALI3 / linear actuator ALI4 / linear actuator ALI5.
  • Also available manual operation.

Inside the linear actuator with mechanical stem release is possible the insertion of a contrast spring which allows, to the intervention of the release, to open the linear actuator or close automatically.

Applications actuator with release / and contrast spring

  • CIT / Armored; the actuator can be employed on this type of vehicle for closing and opening doors of safety, the device release is used for the opening in case of system failure at radio remote-controlled.
  • Roller mangle for ironing textile industrial; The actuators are used for the adjustment of the ironing mangle rollers, through a safety device, the operator may need to unlock the rollers (farther apart) this happens in the case of blocks of the products ironed. Thanks to the contrast spring the actuator immediately closes, ensuring a time of immediate intervention, removing the rollers, for the resumption of the operation of the ironer it is sufficient to release the safety device. 

Linear Actuator with mechanical release of the stem

The electric actuators with spring return, are usually are reversible version, for more information contact our technical office.