Linear actuators cabins on construction equipment

Linear actuators cabins on construction equipment

Applications: Linear actuators cabins on construction equipment, the slope operator.

Actuat used: ALI01 12 V with 2 limit switches wired with diodes with 300mm of travel ( adjustable ).

Other possible applications: Cabins tractors, agricultural machinery cabins, crane cabins, cabins excavators, truck cabs.

The wiring end of stroke with diodes allows to simplify the control of the actuator , also on the version ALI01 the end stops are adjustable, this allows to correct the stroke if the same actuator is mounted on another cabin.

Why it use the actuator on the platform?

The actuator is used as the platform, following rotation of the cab, could create an obstacle.

The platform is supported by two linear guides on the sides, while the actuator is fixed centrally.