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High efficiency three – phase motors IE3

European regulation for high efficiency engines: 2, 4, 6 poles

The implementation of the Directive EU MEPS (European Minimum Energy Performance Standard) are defined from the CE 640/2009 regulation 22/07/ 2009  and the following amendment UE 4/2014 regulation 06/01/ 2014 that are the procedures of implementation of the Directive, about the minimum levels of performance required by the electric motors (EN 60034-30), commercialized in the European market.

From 01/01/2015: asynchronous three-phase motors single speed 2, 4 and 6 poles, with power from 7,5 kW to 375 kW and voltage till 1000 V, continuous service S1, must be placed in the European Economic Area (SEE) in efficiency class IE3 or IE2 if coupled to the inverter (actuation in variable speed drive).

IE2 motors set up:

  • Motors with efficiency IE2 placed for the first time on the market SEE before 31/12/2014, they may continue to be marketed also after 01/01/2015 and the final user will have the opportunity to use them as previously.
  • IE2 motors in continuous service S1 can be released on the SEE market after the terms of 01/01/2015, only if the producer, or an authorized representative, report a warning on the engine itself and on the informations about the product, that the motor can be used only with the electronic speed control(inverter).

It’s a responsability of the final user to make sure that this kind of engine will be supplied by an inverter.

* Note: with an inverter can be released on the SEE market only IE2 and IE3 motors.

Exports outside the European Economic Area (SEE):

The following cases of release are not about products on the market in the sense of the 2009/125/EC Directive and its Implementing regulations:

  • If the producer exports a product from a member state to a third country outside the SEE.
  • If the product of a manifacturer is transferred to an exporter (dealer or constructor of machines) which exports goods outside the SEE indipendently or as a integrated component.

Mandatory markings on the nameplate:

In the motors where is not possible to suggest  the values of efficiency to the various load conditions, for reason of space,is only allowed to indicate the value of yield at 100% load.

New range of engines HE3, efficiency class IE3

Three-phase electric motors IE3 2 Poles

IE3 2 Poili

Three-phase electric motors IE3 4 Poles

IE3 4 Poli