Available range of asynchronous electric motors with tropicalized windingTropicalizzazione e fori scarico condensa motori elettrici

  • From IEC 56 to IEC 355
  • Power: from 0.06 Kw to 315Kw
  • Poles: 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 -12 – 16 – 32
  • Dual polarity: over the entire engine range
  • Across the range of self-brake motors
  • Special configurations for specific applications
  • Drain holes for the condensation
  • Tropicalization winding engine
  • Resining shields and resining terminal board
  • Antioxidant vernishing

The resining of terminal board and the resining of shields is performed on all those applications with an high presence of moisture, water and solvents such as in the car washes and in the openings of the greenhouses.

Tropicalization and drain holes condensation for electric motors are under the regulations CEI En 600341 – IEC 34-1.

The asynchronous electric motors with tropicalized winding and drain holes for the condensation are performed on engines for applications with a high moisture content (higher than > 60% U.R.).

The process of tropicalization is executed by a cold vernishig made with products which have high hygroscopic properties that protects the motor from  the penetration of condensation in the insulating material, avoiding damages to the insulating seal.

On request, can be performed some drain holes for the condensation, that is usually combined to a tropicalization process; in fact, on that applications where it isn’t possible to remove the moisture, holes are made (the position of the holes change according to the mounting position of the motor), to enable the water that has condensed into the engine to exit.

ATTENTION: the execution of the holes should not be made when the motor is already assembled, because some residues from the processing could damage the winding and lead to malfunctions;  also there is the risk of ruining the winding of the motor with the drilling.

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