Application: Gears for pizza stretch moulder or pasta forming

Gear: Gear in thermo plastic with 30 % glass fiber


  • Material PA6 30 % glass fiber / 50 % glass fiber / Pom
  • Lubricated gear
  • Compatibility with food regulations
  • Durability
  • Silent transmission
  • Low weight
  • Cost reduced

A request can be implemented gear designed specifically for this application.

 Who adopted this solution?

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    What a pizza moulder or laminator for pasta ?

    The machines pizza stretch or pizza moulder for pasta or pizza with roller inclined stainless steel are machines dedicated to restaurants, pizzerias and take-away pizza. They are used to form the ball of the pizza, shaping is effected by the pressure exerted by one or two rollers resin food motorized. Pasta process is completely cold working and it has the same characteristics of pasta handmade or with a rolling pin but with huge time saver. The gears in thermo plastic are applied to the ends of the rolls and serve for the transmission of the rotary movement of the pizza moulder / laminator pizza stretchers.

    The gears are made of  PA6 with loaded with 30% glass fiber, on request we can even reach 50% of glass.

    What are the benefits on rolling machines for pasta?
    The main benefit is the possibility of realizing the entire gear from the mold without subsequent shots, this allows a notable economic saving.

    therefore does not run the risk of contaminating the product with lubricants, and cancel the maintenances to lubricate the transmission.

    Noise level of the transmission greatly reduces thanks to thermo plastic material.

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