Application:  Gearmotor for pellet boilers, screw conveyor feed brazier

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  • Single-phase motor with thermal protection
  •  Single-phase motor with thermal protection

Pellet boilers gear motor are employed for the feeding of the pellets inside the brazier.

We made the application for boilers pellets Bosnian Kovan Company d.o.o., an emerging company in the production of pellet boilers for domestic and industrial applications.

The geared worm motor FRT28 for pellet boilers in magnitude is applied to the boilers up to 37 kW, while for the boilers of range exceeding up to 600 Kw.

The gear unit actuates the two archimedean screws, from the main tank to bring the skin to the combustion chamber.

In boilers with double tank, additional reduction gears are used for the transfer of the pellets in the main tank.

Motoriduttore per caldaie a pellet


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