ventilatori centrifughi industriali

The use of this motor is usually directly to the fan or alternatively by means of a transmission.

Centrifugal exhaust fans or direct motors details:

  • Asynchronous high-efficiency motors IE2
  • Standard insulation IP56
  • IP 65 or IP66 on request
  • Quiet operations
  • Without vibrations
  • Brand bearings primary
  • On request ATEX Zone 2 (gas)
  • On request ATEX  Zone 22 (dust)

Why Atex?

In some applications where the centrifugal fans are installed, there is the presence of dust or potentially explosive gases, in this case the motor and the fan must follow the atex rules. For more information on the ATEX regulations, please visit the section: ATEX electric motors

The motor can be used in various applications:
Centrifugal fan aspiration of  clean air, es. ventilation and drying, cooling materials, the aspiration of welding fumes, plastics processing machines, in hoods and in general when you have to convey air with low pressures.

Centrifugal fan in the aspiration of suspended solids air also filamentary and are mainly used in sawmills for the transport of wood chips, in the paper, textile and leather tanning and in general when it must convey air with low-medium-high pressures and a normal rotating transport would tend to get clogged.

Centrifugal fan in the aspiration of  air with suspended solids but not filaments and are mainly used in pneumatic conveying, in cement factories, in foundries, in mills and pasta factories, the textile industry and in general when you have to convey air with medium pressure.

The centrifugal fans, for the suction of dusty air, air with very dusty and solid residues, can be equipped with special caps for unloading.

Centrifugal fans applications in a very dusty environment :

  • Machinery and equipment ovens
  • Foundries
  • Glassworks
  • Cement plants
  • Pasta factory
  • Flour mills
  • Chemical industry

IE2 electric motors for industrial centrifugal fans

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