High efficiency three – phase motors IE4

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Motori elettrici IE4

High efficiency three-phase motors IE 4 are synchronous reluctance motors with design of patented  rotor. It reaches a very low torque ripple (1-2%) and for this reason low noise thanks to a patented strategy control.

Major benefits of REEL SuPremE® motors:

  • Energy saving up to 30%
  • IE4 Efficiency requirements as the electric motor regulations (to IEC (CD) 60034-30 Ed. 2)
  • It Maintains high efficiency even when running at partial load
  • Without any magnets AND rare earths
  • The design of the REEL SuPremE® motor stator is equivalent to that of a 4-pole asynchronous motor.
  • Without sensors.

The positioning accuracy is excellent, with an error of only  +/- 1.5° mechanical degrees

The robustness of this construction has been confirmed in thousands of applications. In combination with REEL inverters, REEL SuPremE® motors usually achieve energy savings of 30%.

Compared to traditional asynchronous, inverter-controlled IE3 motors, the high efficiency three-phase motors IE4 achieves greatest efficiency gains in the part-load range.

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