centrali di Trattamento aria

Electric motors for central air treatment details,  C.T.A: 

  • Asynchronous high-efficiency motors IE2
  • Standard insulation IP56
  • IP 65 or IP66 on request
  • Quiet operation
  • Without vibrations
  • Bearing primary brand
  • Asynchronous B3 motors with feet reported to the GR . 132
  • Distinction between C. T. A. and U.T.A.

Air handling unit , (U.T.A.) is a small system for the simple air treatment in small rooms, it is typically composed by a single heat exchange coil with chilled water (the evaporation takes place in the evaporator of the refrigerating machine) and hot water, for both cooling and heating purposes, or by a direct expansion coil where the refrigerant gas circulates inside, for this reason the evaporation takes place in the battery itself within the premises of utilization, by an air filter and by a fan suction/discharge with low prevalence.

Central air service, (C.T.A.) is a machine used in large air conditioning systems, for both full fresh air or mixed air.The air treatment station purpose is to treating the air according to the temperature and humidity need.

The air handling treatments involves several factors:

  • Temperature control
  • Humidity control
  • Speed regulation
  • Air purity regulation


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