Electric motors for wood dryers

Electric motors for wood dryers

motori elettrici per essiccatoiElectric motors for wood dryers 


  • Three-phase asynchronous electric motors CLASS H
  • No ventilation, rear shield closed
  • C3 bearings designed for high temperatures ( GJP 2RS SKF EX28 OR VITON NSK)
  • IP65 terminal box
  • Metal cable gland
  • Tropicalized rotor
  • Condensate drain holes in the carcass
  • Where it is possible, shields based sintered steel bearings
  • Sealing ring Viton for high temperaturese
  • Inductor barbed to prevent the rotation of the carcase
  • Other executions on request
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    Drying plant

    The first major distinction for drying plant is the type of product to be dried:

    • – Drying for wood
    • – Drying for cereal
    • – Drying for pasta

    Dryers for wood
    The artificial wood drying in insulated cell, is a procedure in woodworking, it counts considerable advantages over natural drying:

    • – Reduce the time of drying wood
    • – Reducing the volume of waste wood
    • – Riduction of storage

    Among the systems used for wood drying, drying with hot air in insulated cell is certainly the most widespread, thanks to the excellent relationship between investment cost and productivity.The traditional drying cells, based on elementary physical principles, use hot air as a vector to extract moisture from the wood and transfer it to the air.During the wood drying process various parameters that may affect the good performance of the drying are controlled, parameter as the temperature and the degree of air humidity inside the cell, degree of humidity and temperature of the wood.