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Right-angle gear drivers ZP e DZ

Require informations

NDr offers a complete solution for the angular motion transmission, we are Dz Trasmissioni Srl  agents, a leading manufacturer of right-angle gear drives.

Right-angle gear drivers standard range:

Rinvii ad angolo

  • Available in 9 different sizes (in prompt delivery)
  • Shafts: from  8 to 35 mm
  • Powers up to: 15 Kw
  • Speed of rotation up to: 3000 revolution/minute
  • Can be with 2 o 3 outputs
  • Transmission ratios: 1:1 or 1:2 or 1:3.
  • Right-angle gear drivers with hollow shaft
  • Right-angle gear drivers with male input and output shaft

 In the right-angle selection:

In the right angle selection  da impiegare, Dz Transmissions recommended in addition to the purely technical requirements as power required in relation to R.P.M. and the torque to be transmitted, you need to consider the heaviness of the use which depends on multiple factors:

  • Operating cycle (intermittent, continuous, ecc. ecc.),
  • Radial and axial loads on the shaft ends
  • Maximum and minimum temperatures
  • Ambient conditions (e.g. dust and dirt levels)
  • Type of lubricant used